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Comment Policy

Flavor Text Comment Policy:

1. All first-time commenters are moderated. If you’ve never commented here before, your comment will be held in the moderation queue for review. This is mostly to prevent spammers. If you’ve left a comment and you feel it’s been held a long time (more than a day) please contact us at flavortextblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

2. Flavor Text is intended as a collaborative, academic-style space. All of the authors have spent a lot of time in the proverbial Ivory Tower, and we realize that traditional academia often fosters an atmosphere of elitism and exclusion. We do not want to perpetuate that. Ideally we’d like for this blog to take the best aspects of academic analysis and meld them with wider participation to foster enthusiasm for critical thought. Please don’t hesitate to engage! You don’t have to have something “important” to say to comment, we love to hear if you just enjoyed a post. There’s no academic threshold you have to pass to participate here.

3. Disagreement is welcome, but personal attacks are not. You think someone’s drawn an unfounded conclusion, or you have a different interpretation on a topic? That’s fantastic, and part of the fun. Just don’t insult people. Remember that behind the screen typing every comment is a fellow human being. One of the things we like to see happening in comments is for people to tell their own stories, share their personal experiences with the game, and discuss how they relate to the material we present. In order for people to feel comfortable doing this, they need to be assured that they will not be mocked or derided for it. This especially applies to traditionally controversial topics in WoW, such as Horde versus Alliance.

4. We’re not here to fight over details. WoW lore is imprecise and often contradictory as a result of the fact that it is a constantly evolving project for its creators. There are plenty of places on the internet you can go to argue about this, but Flavor Text is not one of them. Part of the theme involved in our academic-style space is to examine overarching themes, patterns, and motifs found in the game. Bickering over details is often actively detracts from this process. That’s not to say that details are never relevant, after all, evidence for patterns is found in those very details. Just please keep in mind Flavor Text’s focus in this respect. We will shut down comment threads we feel are becoming unproductive.

5. Our house, our rules. Flavor Text is not a democracy. We reserve the rights to delete comments or ban participants who are being disruptive or cruel, though we certainly hope we’ll never have to. Think of it this way: if you waltzed into one of our houses and started pissing on the rug, we wouldn’t laugh and wave it off, we would throw you out. We’ll do the same here.

Thanks, and happy commenting!

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