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About Flavor Text

We are a four-lady collective who share a passion for World of Warcraft lore and academic analysis. It’s possible these two things should never have been reconciled, but as you’ll soon find out, we prefer the experimental approach. (Also, we are dripping with so much awesome that there are small pools of congealed awesome at our feet. Which are awesome feet, btw.)

Why “Flavor Text?” Because we love the little details of the Warcraft universe. Possibly a bit too much.

This blog is a new and evolving project for us all, so watch this space. In the meantime, feel free to take off your coat and stay a while.

Requisite Disclaimer Thing: Any and all opinions expressed here are those of the authors alone and in no way representative of Blizzard Entertainment.

(Big thanks to Aly Flock for the banner art.)

The Four-Lady Collective


About: Cat’s academic background was fairly interdisciplinary, with her time in grad school drawing from art history, classics, and medieval studies. After having worked as a librarian in academia for a few years, Cat now plays with databases for a living. Her short stories, The Wicked and the Righteous and Daughter of Lordaeron, were shortlisted by Blizzard as finalists in their 2010 and 2011 Global Creative Writing Contests.

Top lore pick: Azeroth’s invented languages and its origin mythos. The Forsaken and free will. Oh, and the Shen’dralar. Did she mention the Shen’dralar? SHEN’DRALAR SHEN’DRALAR SHEN’DRALAR. She’s also interested in World of Warcraft’s role as a digital communal space.

Favorite flavor text item: Merlin’s Robe
Twitter: @catulla


About: Lani studied biology throughout college and grad school, but despite all this science getting up in her craw she enjoys a great passion for history and literature, and does a lot of writing. She raided frequently on her night elf druid throughout The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, but recently she’s having fun focusing on her army of alts. She has been known to do contract work for Blizzard. Fun fact: in her master’s thesis she named an extinct species of fossil turtle after a WoW NPC.

Top lore pick: Lani likes the non-player characters of WoW, analyzing their motives and how their stories play out within Warcraft’s setting. She is particularly interested in how the political and cultural identities of the blood elves, high elves, and recently returned Highborne night elves intersect and how their stories will continue to develop. She is also a fan of the dwarves, and is glad to see Moira as a major lore player these days.

Favorite flavor text item: Wildhammer Book of Verse
Twitter: @ilaniel


About: Norm is a dabbler. She has a degree in Molecular Biotechnology and works as process manager. Her interests include coming of age tales, especially in fantasy and fairy tales, pop music, social justice, new media, and burning dinner.  She used to raid semi-hardcore in WotLK as a Horde druid, but is currently retired and mostly plays Alliance-side on Durotan.  She considers herself the “Flavor Text of Flavor Text”, mostly adding ridiculous puns and memes to otherwise serious content.

Top lore pick: Norm is especially fascinated by the “missing” lore in Warcraft.  Details that are hinted at, or completely neglected, leaving plenty of space for speculation on missing cultures and Blizzard’s motivations for leaving these details out. Norm also has a soft-spot for women in Warcraft. Ask her about her pet theories on Tauren life cycles.

Favorite flavor text item: The Big Book o’ Beards
Twitter: @Druidis4Fite


About: Perc is the Content Manager for Wowhead. She loves mashing up her academic background in art, music history, and museum studies with observations on Warcraft lore, especially with her friends. She also codes a lot of transmog sets and writes guides, so if you have any suggestions for either topic, you can contact her at

Top lore pick: Pre-Sundering Night Elf culture–the blend of magic, corruption, and scholarship and the clash between the Highborne and the commoners. Also interested in Demon Hunters and Shandris Feathermoon’s network of spies.

Favorite flavor text itemUhn’agh Fash, the Darkest Betrayal
Twitter: @perculia

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